To our readers and network visitors,

I would like to personally apologize to our visitors that have kept coming back over the past few months, and even years, to see the updates and changes that we've promised but never really fully implemented. I have never publicly explained the true reasons for the lack of updates; until now, that is. Even though we have had a lot of help and support along the way, the dedication was always lacking. The only two people that have shown constant dedication and determination towards the growth of the network have been Cameron McKinnon, our Business Development Manager and Co-Founder, as well as myself. Despite the amount of dedication the two of us have had, it's hard to run an entire network of websites with just two people.

Why I'm writing this is not because I'm announcing that we're shutting down Division-Gaming Network. Quite the opposite, actually. We're going to expand, and as some people like to say, "go commercial." With the success of other endeavors that Cameron and I have taken, we feel that we're ready to take Division-Gaming Network to new heights.

In either late July or August, Division-Gaming Network will go through a complete relaunch and restructuring. With this restructuring, we'll be setting new goals. We'll have new ways of doing certain things. In a sense, it will be a brand new network. The one thing that is sure to stay the same is the name. Division-Gaming Network has always, and will always, be Division-Gaming Network.

More details will be posted in the next week or two. Until then, I am sorry for the chaos that this network has been going through the past few years that you may have witnessed. The first thing I'll do when we relaunch is call in a grief counselor to help our visitors that may feel disturbed.

Thank you for sticking with us,
Corey Winter
Division-Gaming Network Owner and Founder
(Posted June 6th, 2010)
(updated August 24th, 2010)

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